28 October 2016

Clean Up Australia Day event. kunanyi / Mt Wellington

Note from Bec Johnson

Hello everyone,
Just to let you know we have this fun and rewarding event on the summit of kunanyi / Mt Wellington on Sunday - a midyear Clean Up Australia Day event. 10am till 1pm, Sunday 31 Oct. Kids welcome, as long as they're supervising a grownup. Bags, gloves, everything provided. At the end, a cup of tea/real coffee AND the kudos. The glory of having done a cleanup on one of the most awesome spots anywhere. 



The funny thing about cleaning up on a spot like this is you sometimes find things people didn't want to loose - like plastic money! 

Hope to see you :-)

24 October 2016

Tasmanian Community Fund News

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Emerging Community Leaders
The Tasmanian Community Fund is excited to announce the Emerging Community Leaders program.
The Tasmanian Community Fund recognises the value of developing leadership skills across the community and is particularly keen to see emerging leaders supported to develop skills that will empower and enable them to help their community prosper.  The Fund has provided a grant to SRA Corporate Change to implement the Emerging Community Leaders program in conjunction with the Fund.  The aim of Emerging Community Leaders is to deliver an effective leadership program that benefits participants, their employers or businesses, and the Tasmanian community at large.
Emerging Community Leaders will bring together the next generation of leaders in Tasmania’s community sector, and equip them with the capability to positively contribute as a leader in this sector. The program will focus on leading self, leading others, leading community and leading for lasting impact.
Emerging Community Leaders will support up to 24 participants a year with a focus on increasing their skills in governance, finance, leadership, management, communication, and project management. There will be an emphasis on experiential learning and being able to apply skills immediately in the form of projects benefiting participants’ workplaces and the community.
The way in which this program will be delivered aims to develop participants in an engaging, innovative and future focused way. The content, presenters, workshops and activities included in the delivery of this program will be practical, creative, unique and deeply engaging.  Participants will be encouraged to understand that everyone’s journey through the program will be different, and leadership is innately personal.  Emerging Community Leaders will be delivered primarily through a combination of face-to-face sessions, and the supported delivery of a community based project to provide the opportunity to apply and extend learnings.
The program is open to all Tasmanians and we are particularly keen to see diversity across the participant group.  There is no maximum age requirement for the program but participants must be at least 18 years of age. More ...
For more information or a copy of the participant information and application form please phone 6232 7269 or email admin@tascomfund.org

2017 Community Forum Dates
The Tasmanian Community Fund Board will be holding community forums in 2017 in:
- Scottsdale on 20 February
- Burnie on 11 April
- Bridgewater on 5 June
- Oatlands on 7 August
- Deloraine on 10 October
- Glenorchy on 22 November
More information about these forums will be provided closer to the date.
If your community or organisation would like to host a community forum with the Tasmanian Community Fund please contact Toni on 6232 7269.

Westbury and Districts Historical Society
The Westbury and Districts Historical Society (WDHS) is a special committee of the Meander Valley Council. The History Society has permanent rooms where local and family history is researched and displayed. It is open to the public two days a week or by appointment. The Society also has a website that highlights the history of the area.
Ellen (Nellie) Payne was one of Tasmania’s foremost woodcarvers and was born in Westbury in 1865. Nellie created carvings for many well-known Tasmanian and Australian organisations and families, including a large range of honour boards following WWI. More...

Round 34
Round 34 of the Tasmanian Community Fund will open on 28 January 2017.
The Fund will be seeking small (up to $20 000), medium ($20 001 to $90 000) and large collaborative program projects ($100 000 to $500 000).
The Fund encourages applicants to commence their planning for their project applications as soon as possible.  To discuss project ideas please phone the Tasmanian Community Fund Office on 6232 7269 or 6232 7043.

Round 33
The Tasmanian Community Fund received 245 applications in grant round 33 requesting $11.9 million.  Medium applications are currently being pre-eligibility checked.  This includes checking budgets, GST status, sponsor details and eligibility according to the guidelines.
Eight large applications have progressed to Stage 2 of the application process.
All applicants will be advised of the final outcome of their application by mid-December 2016.

22 October 2016

Australian Wildlife Conservancy News

AWC scientists uncover Night Parrot population on Diamantina National Park
Breaking news
AWC scientists uncover Night Parrot population
on Diamantina National Park
Night Parrot

AWC and Queensland join forces
to secure largest known Night Parrot population

  • AWC scientists, led by John Young, have discovered a Night Parrot population at Diamantina National Park (Diamantina).
  • Night Parrots were confirmed at seven locations on Diamantina including:
    • 3 nests (with birds observed in the vicinity of each nest)
    • 1 sighting of a pair drinking
    • 3 records of birds calling (heard by two observers).
  • The discovery represents a major expansion of the known population and distribution for one of Australia's rarest birds. The Night Parrot was not seen alive for more than a century until rediscovered by John Young in 2013 on land north-east of Diamantina.
  • Habitat analysis and modelling by AWC scientists indicates Diamantina hosts the largest known population of the Night Parrot.
  • AWC and the Queensland Government have joined forces to deliver an Intensive Response Plan including the declaration by Queensland of a restricted access area and the deployment by AWC of specialist staff to help deliver immediate, dedicated conservation.
  • We need your help to support our field team, led by John Young, as we work to protect the Night Parrot, Bilby, Kowari and Plains Wanderer in partnership with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

Image: John Young, Senior Field Ecologist, AWC, Diamantina National Park
Inset: One of the first images of the Night Parrot taken by John Young at Brighton Downs in 2013
Diamantina National Park
Diamantina National Park
Large increase in known population of Night Parrots
A joint initiative by Australian Wildlife Conservancy and the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) has uncovered the largest known population of the endangered Night Parrot on Diamantina National Park.
A field survey led by AWC Senior Field Ecologist, John Young - who in 2013 became the first person in over a century to find a living Night Parrot - has confirmed a significant increase in its known population and distribution.
Exploring remote sections of Diamantina National Park by helicopter, all-terrain vehicle and on foot, John Young located three nests, observed birds at these three nests and at another location, and identified birds at three additional locations by their distinctive call. John was assisted by AWC Senior Ecologist, Dr Rod Kavanagh, and by a number of experienced volunteers.
AWC scientists have developed a habitat model which indicates a large area of Diamantina National Park is preferred roosting habitat for Night Parrots. It is hoped the model will help identify and protect additional populations of the Night Parrot.
Night Parrot habitat
Night Parrot habitat, Diamantina National Park
Four Night Parrot eggs found in nest in spinifex
Four Night Parrot eggs found in nest in spinifex, Diamantina National Park
Intensive Response Plan in place at Diamantina
QPWS and AWC have responded rapidly to the discovery by putting in place an Intensive Response Plan:
  • A Restricted Access Area has been declared by QPWS, which prohibits unauthorised access east of the main road in Diamantina National Park.
  • AWC and QPWS have mobilised additional resources to jointly deliver dedicated on-ground management at Diamantina including:
    • feral cat control; and
    • removal of old cattle fences.
  • A program of further surveys and research, led in the field by AWC scientists including John Young, will generate additional information on the size and distribution of the Night Parrot population.
AWC has deferred for at least two years a proposal for a feral cat-free enclosure at Diamantina National Park while AWC scientists undertake detailed surveys and research on Night Parrots and other endangered species, such as the Greater Bilby and the Kowari.
John Young, Senior Field Ecologist, AWC
John Young, Senior Field Ecologist, AWC, camp at Diamantina
This stunning discovery at Diamantina National Park highlights the exceptional skill of AWC Senior Field Ecologist, John Young. I hope you will consider supporting John and the AWC team as we work in partnership with the Queensland Government to protect the Night Parrot and other threatened species at Diamantina.

Yours sincerely
Atticus Fleming
Chief Executive
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Tasmanian Land Conservancy Project


When people step out into nature sometimes they need to…well… heed the call of nature, and we don’t mean listen to bird songs!

This is why we at the Tasmanian Land Conservancy are embarking on a journey to build a Loo With a View on our Skullbone Plains Reserve so more people can experience this remarkable place and we need your help to make it possible.

Giving people the opportunity to explore our reserves is fundamental to us, while still preserving the sensitive environments we are trying to protect.

Local Tasmanian artist Josh Pringle has generously donated his talents to crafting some unique Skullbone Plains inspired pieces of art to encourage people to pledge to the Loo With a View. You can secure your very own limited edition piece today by leaving a PLEDGE and making the Loo With a View a reality.

Please note that pledges are not tax deductible.


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