18 August 2017

Tasmanian Community Fund August 2017

Grant Round 35
Grant Round 35 of the Tasmanian Community Fund is now open. Applications for small grants (up to $20,000) will close at 5.00pm on 6 September 2017. Applications for medium grants ($20,001 to $90,000) will close at 5pm on 27 September 2017. Stage 1 applications for large infrastructure grants ($100 000 to $300 000) will close on 23 August 2017. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application in mid-December 2017.
All applicants are encouraged to read the guidelines thoroughly as they provide information on eligible projects, the feedback given to previous applicants, additional advice to applicants and advice on information to include within the application.
Applicants are also encouraged to discuss their project with Tasmanian Community Fund staff (phone 6232 7043 or 6232 7269 or email admin@tascomfund.org) before submitting their application. The guidelines and the application forms are available on the Tasmanian Community Fund website.
Grant Round 36 including small and medium general grants and large collaborative program projects focused on increasing workforce engagement grants will open on 20 January 2018.

North and North-West Visits
Tasmanian Community Fund staff will be in Burnie, Devonport and Launceston in August.  This is an opportunity for groups who would like to meet with a staff member to discuss their application to do so in person or if there are any problems accessing or using SmartyGrants to get some one-on-one assistance.
Staff will be in Launceston on Monday, 21 August and in Devonport and Burnie on Tuesday, 22 August.  If you would like to make an appointment please phone the Tasmanian Community Fund Office on 03 6232 7269.  Venue details will be provided at the time of your booking and with your appointment confirmation.

Oatlands Visit
The Tasmanian Community Fund Board recently toured previously funded projects at Oatlands including Life Without Barriers, Oatlands Historical Society, Southern Midlands Council and the Centre for Heritage. The Board also held a community forum.
The project tour and community forum provided an opportunity for community members to provide feedback to the Board on the outcomes, progress and issues relating to their projects and the issues that are facing the Bridgewater and surrounding communities. Receiving feedback and information from the community is vital in enabling the Tasmanian Community Fund Board to make decisions in the best interests and on behalf of the Tasmanian community.
The Board thanks all community members who attended the tour and the forum for their enthusiasm and commitment to their community and for their openness and willingness to share their knowledge with the Board.
The Board looks forward to their upcoming visit to Deloraine.

Community Wellbeing Information Session
In 2018, the Tasmanian Community Fund will be calling for expressions of interest ($300 000 to $500 000) for a range of collaborative and sustainable projects that improve the wellbeing of Tasmanians in one or more of the following areas:
·         Improving mental health outcomes
·         Improving educational outcomes
·         Reducing violence including bullying
·         Enhancing preventable health outcomes
·         Reducing homelessness
·         Increasing social cohesion
·         Diverting from the justice system
·         Addressing addictive behaviours
This will be a two-stage application process.  Applicants that move through to Stage 2 will have to provide a strong business case that demonstrates value for money.
Information sessions will be held in Hobart at 2.30pm on 29 August, in Launceston at 10.30am on 5 September and in Burnie at 3pm on 5 September.  To RSVP please email admin@tascomfund.org

Community Forum – Deloraine
Community groups are invited to attend a free forum hosted by the Tasmanian Community Fund Board in Deloraine from 5.30pm to 7.00pm on Tuesday, 10 October 2017.  Venue to be confirmed.
Come along to hear how you can maximise your chances of receiving a grant.
To attend the forum, please email admin@tascomfund.org or phone 6232 7269 to rsvp.

Longford Men’s Shed
The Longford Men’s Shed was formed when the local community recognised the need for a place where men could assemble and where life-time skills could be practised and passed on to others.
The Shed has been operating since 2010, providing a space where men of all ages can be mentored, where health and well-being can be encouraged, and a spirit of friendship can be offered to all. More...

Tasmanian Community Fund Has Moved
The Tasmanian Community Fund office has moved - but only around the corner. The Tasmanian Community Fund office is now located in Suite 2 Tech 3 at the Tasmanian TechnoPark. The telephone contact, fax and postal address remain the same:
Tasmanian Community Fund
Phone:  03 6232 7269
Fax:  03 6233 4164
GPO Box 1350, Hobart  7001
We look forward to seeing you at the new office.

14 August 2017

EDOTasmania 14 August

The EDO Tasmania Bulletin is a free fortnightly bulletin providing information on policy updates, events and opportunities for public comment. 
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EDO BULLETIN                     
14 August 2017  

EDO Tasmania is a non-profit community legal centre advising on environmental and planning law. Our aim is to increase public awareness of environmental laws and remedies, and help the community to secure a healthy, sustainable Tasmania. Our fortnightly(ish) Bulletin contains news about current developments in planning and environment law, upcoming events and opportunities for public comment.

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EPBC Act approval for Okehampton

On 1 August 2017, the Federal Minister for Environment and Energy determined that Tassal's Okehampton Bay aquaculture operations did not require further assessment or approval under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act), provided the operations are carried out in the "particular manner" set out in the decision.

The proposal was referred to the Minister on the basis of its potential to significantly impact on threatened Giant Kelp and endangered Southern Right Whales. The particular manner requirements include measures to reduce the risk of vessel strike, noise disturbance and entanglement of marine mammals in nets. The decision also requires Tassal to implement an approved Response Protocol where marine mammals are struck or entangled.

For more information about the referral decision, click here.

The application by the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council for a dam and pipeline to supply water to Tassal's Okehampton operations has also been referred to the Minister, but a decision on that referral is yet to be made.


Draft Salmon Growth Plan released

The Tasmanian government has released its draft Sustainable Industry Growth Plan for the Salmon Industry. The Growth Plan proposes new areas for salmon farm expansion in ocean waters off the north-west coast, King Island, Flinders Island and Storm Bay, with the remainder of the State’s coasts to be declared “no grow” zones (other than existing leases). To view a map of the Grow and No Grow zones, click here.
The Growth Plan also outlines government plans to "encourage and manage the continued expansion of the industry", including:
  • finalising a new Biosecurity Act (click here for current draft Bill)
  • creating a Finfish Farming (Compliance and Monitoring) Unit in the EPA, to be funded by an industry levy
  • developing a new agreement between salmon companies concerning the future of farming in Macquarie Harbour (to replace the existing Area Management Agreement)
  • providing greater public access to more environmental monitoring data
  • establishing a new industry reference group to advise on implementation of the Growth Plan
Comments on the Growth Plan can be made until 8 September 2017. See "Open for Comment" for more information.
The government has announced that environmental monitoring permits have been issued to Huon Aquaculture and Petuna to explore the potential for offshore farming on the east coast of South Bruny and in the Circular Head region.

Reconciliation Council 

Marking World Indigenous Peoples Day on 9 August 2017, the Reconciliation Council of Tasmania has been launched with the objective of being "an inclusive and consultative avenue to further progress reconciliation in our State".  Tasmania was the last State to establish such a Council.

The Council will be convened by Mr Bill Lawson AM.  For more information, click here
A group of prominent Tasmanians has also written to the Premier urging him to withdraw plans to re-open 4WD in takayna / the Tarkine in the interests of genuine reconciliation.  The government subsequently reaffirmed its commitment to re-opening the tracks.

Environment Ministers meeting

Federal, State and Territory Environment Ministers met on 28 July 2017, committing to completing a draft plan to manage PFAS chemicals, endorsing a strategy for disposal and recycling of waste tyres, and setting a plan for banning micro-bead plastics if not effectively phased out by industry by mid-2018.

The Ministers also agreed to progress "a common national approach to environmental-economic accounting and the free and open sharing of environmental data between jurisdictions."

To read the statement of outcomes from the meeting, click here


Tamar Estuary Management Taskforce 

The Tamar Estuary Management Taskforce (TEMT), tasked with developing a River Health Action Plan to mitigate impacts from sewage and stormwater, prioritise investment and propose governance arrangements for the Estuary, held its first meeting on 3 August 2017.

TEMT is jointly funded by the Federal and Tasmanian Governments under the Launceston City Deal, and comprises representatives of northern Councils, NRM, Launceston Flood Authority and the EPA.  The Taskforce is chaired by former LGAT CEO and current Infrastructure Tasmania CEO, Allan Garcia.


Bushfire mitigation projects announced 

The final round of funding under the Commonwealth’s National Bushfire Mitigation Program 2014-17 has allocated $400,000 to eight projects in Tasmania, including:
  • Further development of a baseline dataset to help forecast and model changes in fire weather
  • Helping Tasmanian schools develop bushfire mitigation and preparation plans
  • Bushfire risk analysis for Kingborough Council’s bushland reserves and road network
  • Fire management plans for parks and reserves managed by the Kentish and Latrobe Councils
For a full list of project, click here.


Tasmanian Community Fund grants open

The latest round of small, medium and large grants from the Tasmanian Community Fund is now open for applications.  The due dates vary depending on which grant you're applying for, so check the website for details.


Law and Policy Updates


Mineral Resources Development Amendments to be debated

Debate on the Mineral Resources Development Amendment Bill 2017 will resume in the House of Assembly this week.  For information about the proposed changes, read our Briefing note.

The Mineral Resources Development (Hydraulic Fracturing) Amendment Bill 2015, originally proposed by former Greens' Leader, Kim Booth, is also scheduled for discussion. The Bill seeks to permanently ban fracking across Tasmania. 

In Court  

World first climate risk disclosure case filed in Victoria

Represented by Environmental Justice Australia, two shareholders have filed proceedings in the Federal Court against the Commonwealth Bank for failing to adequately disclose the bank's exposure to climate risks in its 2016 annual report.  
The case, the first legal shareholder action against a bank, will test the extent to which public companies are required to disclose information about climate change risks that will materially affect their financial position, prospects and reputation. 
To read the Concise Statement lodged in the Federal Court, click here.  For analysis of the implications of the case, click here.


Open for Comment

For tips on how to have your say, visit our website  


Climate change impacts to built environment

The Senate Environment and Communications References Committee is conducting an inquiry into the current and future impacts of climate change on housing, buildings and infrastructure, including water supply, transportation and energy infrastructure, and the adequacy of current climate policies.

The deadline for submissions has been extended until 14 August 2017.  Read more and have your say.


Gas Pipeline Regulation review

The Australian Energy Market Commission has published an issues paper into the effectiveness of gas pipeline regulation. Feedback on the issues paper will inform a draft report, to be released in February 2018.
Comments on the issues paper can be made until 22 August 2017. Read more and have your say.

Low Head Wind Farm

Public comment has been invited on the DA for construction of a wind farm at Low Head. The proposal is a controlled action under the EPBC Act (due to potential impacts on listed threatened and migratory species), but subject to assessment under Tasmanian laws pursuant to the bilateral agreement between the Federal and Tasmanian governments. The Federal Minister will consider the EPA's assessment when making a final decision regarding the project.

Comments can be made until 26 August 2017.  Read more and have your say.


Special Species Management Plan 

The Tasmanian Government has released a consultation draft of the Special Species Management Plan. The Plan, made under the Forestry (Rebuilding the Forest Industry) Act 2014, aims to “provide a management framework for the long-term and sustainable harvesting of Tasmanian special species timbers.”
Comments on the draft Plan can be made until 9am on 28 August 2017Read more and have your say.

Hobart CBD Height Standards Review 

The Hobart City Council has initiated amendments to the Hobart Interim Planning Scheme 2015 to introduce clearer streetscape and amenity criteria to be applied when assessing applications for buildings in the CBD that exceed the acceptable height limits. The proposed amendments adopt recommendations made in Leigh Woolley's Central Business Zone Height Standards – Performance Criteria Review report, but do not seek to introduce a maximum height limit (this change may be considered in future).

The proposed amendments are available for comment until 1 September 2017.  Read more and have your say.

A second public forum to discuss the Woolley report and proposed amendments will be held at Town Hall on 15 August 2017 at 12:30pm.

Draft Salmon Growth Plan 

The Tasmanian government has released its draft Sustainable Industry Growth Plan for the Salmon Industry. The Growth Plan maps "Grow" and "No Grow" areas, and outlines a range of measures to monitor and regulate the industry (see "News" above for more details). 
Comments on the Growth Plan can be made until 8 September 2017. Read more and have your say.

Draft Commonwealth Marine Park Management Plans

Federal Environment Minister, Josh Frydenberg, has released draft management plans for 44 Commonwealth Marine reserves, and proposed that "marine reserves" be renamed "marine parks".  The draft plans do not amend the
management plan for South East Commonwealth Marine Reserves applying to waters around Tasmania.

The draft management plans are open for comment until 20 September 2017.  Read more and have your say.



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Science and Whales - TONIGHT!

When the International Court of Justice ruled in 2014 that Japan’s whaling program was not “for the purposes of scientific research”, many thought whaling in the Southern Ocean would cease. Yet Japanese vessels have returned with a new “scientific” program that killed over 300 whales in 2016.

As part of National Science Week 2017, join Dr Nick Gales, Assoc Professor Tony Press and Indi Hodgson-Johnston for a free seminar discussing the lack of scientific credibility in Japan’s program and the difficulties in enforcing the ICJ’s ruling.

When:  14 August 2017, 5:30pm
Where:  Aurora Theatre, IMAS Building, Hobart

For more information, click here.


Exploring the World's Tallest Flowering Trees - Science Week

As part of Science Week's BeakerStreet@TMAG program, canopy ecologist, Dr Jen Sanger, and big tree photographer, Steve Pearce will present on The Tree Project's innovative use of film and photography, advanced tree climbing techniques, and the latest research methods to raise awareness about the world's significant trees and forests.

When:  19 August 2017, 6:30pm
Where: TMAG, Hobart

For more information about the BeakerStreet program, click here.


Regenerative Market Gardening Techniques

Join James Hutchinson for a hands on workshop exploring techniques and approaches to market gardening.

When: 2 September 2017
Where: Longley Organic Farm

For details, click here.


Imagining a Different Future: Overcoming Barriers to Climate Justice

The University of Tasmania is hosting a global, multidisciplinary conference examining the barriers to responding to climate change, implementing climate justice, and proposing ways forward.

When:  8-9 February 2018
Where: University of Tasmania

For more information, click here.


What's Happening at EDO Tas?

Point to Pinnacle - Go for EDO

Ever wondered what it would be like to walk (or run) from Wrest Point Casino to the top of kunanyi/Mount Wellington? Wonder no more!

Join our team in this year’s Point to Pinnacle
 (P2P) and help EDO Tasmania in its never-ending funding marathon. Team members get a team T-shirt, training support, reimbursement of registration fees, and the warm glow of helping us to protect Tassie's spectacular environment (including kunanyi!). 
Places are filling up fast, so get in quick. If you're considering entering and want to chat with other team members, come along to an informal information session at 5:30pm on Wednesday, 16 August 2017.

Contact Vicki on fundraiser@edotas.org.au for details.  If P2P isn’t your thing, you can still support us by sponsoring our team

Seeking Board Members

EDO Tasmania has two casual vacancies on our Board of Management.  For more information, click here or contact us to discuss.


Recent submissions

You can read our recent law reform submissions on our website, including:
If you would like to contribute to EDO Tasmania submissions, please contact us.

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Tasmanian Community Fund August 2017