25 July 2017

Bush Heritage


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  Winter 2017

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The Shy Feather Flower above is on our Kojonup Reserve (WA) in one of just 13 known populations left in the wild. For the first time in 20 years we carried out a cool-burn to revitalise these plants. Regeneration from soil-stored seed should be prolific next winter.

Box-patterned Gecko.

Pitfall trap surveys at Yourka in far north Queensland uncovered a wide variety of species, including 13 new records for the reserve. What this tiny Box-patterned Gecko lacked in size it made up for with reptillian attitude!

The Hansen Family arrive at Charles Darwin Reserve

William Hansen is our new Reserve Manager on Charles Darwin Reserve in Western Australia. Here he reflects on his first few months with Bush Heritage and family life on the reserve.

Clavaria zollingeri

One of the best things about bush walking in winter can be the bursts of colour provided by fungi. Our Liffey Valley reserves are open to the public & their wet forests are particularly fungi rich (a damp habitat is important in helping fungi absorb nutrients).

Keith Gooley and Peter Caulder in the Boolcoomatta workshop.

Volunteer Keith Gooley, with help from Peter Caulder, has designed and built a special cat trap system at Boolcoomatta. It uses a radio telemetry device to notify staff when activated. These have been recently upgraded and redeployed.

Nick Leseberg setting one of the many Song Meters on Pullen Pullen.

An interview with PhD student Nick Leseberg about his latest field trip to Pullen Pullen Reserve in Queensland and some of the great data he's collecting on Night Parrots.

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